Samsung-Exynos-Processors AMD

Samsung and AMD have been working on a custom GPU that has been known for some time now. It will be paired for mobile devices with Samsung’s Exynos processors. Nothing has yet been officially revealed, but chances are our wait may soon end.

A new rumour has come up and it suggests that Samsung’s custom AMD GPU may be unveiled shortly. It backs up another recent report that made a similar point about the launch of the GPU.

Tipped by @UniverseIce and spotted by SamMobile that Samsung is planning tentatively to showcase the custom GPU built in June with AMD. At this stage, the firm will only disclose the technical details and specifications. The real chipsets that use the custom GPU will come later.

An earlier report from the same source reported that, in the second or third quarter of this year, new Exynos chipsets with integrated AMD GPUs will be announced. Samsung has already said this GPU will be included in its “next flagship product.”

What’s not clear at this stage is whether Samsung plans to launch this new chipset with the Galaxy Note 21 or the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Some say it will only be launched with the Galaxy S22, which is not expected to arrive before next year.

An early graphics benchmark with the AMD GPU of an alleged next-gen Exynos chipset seems to be crushing Apple’s A14 Bionic. By June, if Samsung releases the technical specs of its custom GPU, we will be able to at least grasp how it will match up against its rivals.


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