Fan-Made Dark Souls: Nightfall will release on December 21st

Dark Souls: Nightfall, a direct fan-made sequel to Dark Souls, will release on December 21, 2021, one month before the release of Elden Ring. The team behind this sequel confirmed this release date a Teaser Trailer released on June 26 showcasing the mod in action, including the new locations and bosses that will feature in the sequel.

The team described Nightfall as a “direct, fan-made sequel to Dark Souls” and make the promise of having a new story and whole new world map, and claiming to have a new combat system as well. The team of modders behind the sequel is building the mod using 2018’s Dark Souls Remastered (DSR).

As reported by PCGamesN, “Lead modder Grimrukh is the maker of the excellent Daughters of Ash and Roguelike Souls mods for Dark Souls, and is working beside Quick Souls mod creator AinTunez, Meowmaritus, who discovered that Dark Souls 2’s Covetous Demon is called ‘Jabba the Hutt’ in the game’s files and several others.”

Grimrukh has described the project as “a brand new Souls game built using the Dark Souls engine and assets.” And said that, “Nightfall also takes many cues from the design of The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, one of my favorite games.”

Well the latest teaser doesn’t reveal anything beyond the December release date and a glimpse at some of the new monsters to fight including a fiery Balrog-type creature. But don’t worry team has released an 18-minute gameplay video earlier this year.

Similarly to Dark Souls, players begin in the Undead Asylum. Nightfall is currently slated to release on December 21. And the team has also previously said that Nightfall will hopefully have full voice acting, which is also quite cool.

So this all about it. Let us know your opinion on this in the comment section. Until then stay tuned for further updates.


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