Doom is a game that just isn’t going to die, no matter how many times you blast those demons away — and owner Bethesda has seen fit to send the 27-year-old original quite a few updates this year. After introducing 60fps support and community-based add-ons in January, the re-released Doom and Doom II are now also receiving official 16:9 widescreen support.

Doom and Doom II have official, 27 years later, broadcast help

The company actually updated the original Doom renderer to natively produce 16:9 without letterboxing, according to the Bethesda blog post (via Polygon), giving you a larger view of the original game rather than the fine, massively ugly borders or just stretching out the picture you have.

The lack of a letterbox ought to be of particular significance to Nintendo Switch, iPhone, and Android users, as they are no longer able to cut into their already limited screens — and the games (Doom, Doom II) support 90Hz and 120Hz  on Android only now.

That’s not all: the engine also supports DeHackEd mods, the Nintendo Switch and PS4 gyro (or DualShock 4 on PC), the iOS support controller and new touch controls, the iOS 120Hz mode (presumably only for the iPad Pro), the PC adjustable FPS cap, and much more.

It feels like Bethesda is building up a lot of momentum with these Doom re-releases, after initially launching them with a very odd piece of DRM it quickly decided to delete it.


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