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Is AMD set to take over NVidia?

It’s pretty normal to see manufacturers wait for each other’s to move to think ahead of that move. So basically companies wait on each other’s launches before starting their own. These types of situations are more prevalent in the realm of graphic cards. As Nvidia has had some of their time in the spotlight with their Ampere and now AMD perceives to take the spotlight for themselves by building up an atmosphere for its launch of the Big Navi series of graphics cards as told by a hint planted by AMD in a Fortnite map.

A teasing and eye-catching text stating "something big is coming to the AMD battle arena" was found

Easter Egg in Fortnite

This hint or so-called Easter egg was found by one of the streamers passing through the AMD Battle Arena that was launched a few days ago. A teasing and eye-catching text stating “something big is coming to the AMD battle arena” was found by streamer GinaDarling after having to enter a passcode “6000” into a terminal to proceed.

CVP AMD Congratulates Streamer

Assumptions made by this first teaser only lead us to the next series of GPUs from AMD that will be the Radeon 6000 series. You must be thinking that these assumptions are out of nowhere and is being hyped but AMD’s Scott Herkelman, CVP & GM at AMD Radeon, on finding the Easter egg Gina was congratulated which surely has to something to do with the new graphics card series.

Nice job finding the easter egg!

Originally tweeted by Scott Herkelman (@sherkelman) on September 4, 2020.

Radeon 6000?

radeon 6000

Still, it is not sure that what can be concluded from this Easter egg but it does give hints that AMD is getting started Radeon 6000 series. This can be said so because Lisa Su, CEO of AMD promised in January that they would be coming up with Big Navi this year. But as we have already entered September, there is not a lot of time left.

Is October 7 the Date?

Some of the rumors say that October 7 would be the date of launch but rumors are not to believe every time.



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