Apex Legends

Dr Disrespect Vows to never play Apex again

Dr Disrespect, a well-known broadcaster, is no stranger to Apex Legends. Doc has a love/hate relationship with Respawn Entertainment’s shooter, having earned a reputation for himself in battle royale games like PUBG, Warzone, and Apex Legends. However, it appears that his time in Apex may be limited now.

Despite his large fan base, Doc has a shady history when it comes to streaming and gaming. After briefly leaving Twitch to stream on Mixer, he was notoriously banned from the platform. He’s also chastised shooters in the Call of Duty franchise, on which he worked as a level designer. While his larger-than-life persona and outrageous actions have attracted a wide audience, most people admire Doc’s shooting skills and understanding of the genre. Doc previously departed Apex due to issues with the game’s gameplay and balance, only to return recently.

Dr Disrespect, on the other hand, has hit his breaking point in Apex, as evidenced by his recent return to YouTube. Dr Disrespect becomes progressively upset during the webcast, according to Dexerto. Doc mentions how powerful shields are in Apex after an early death, claiming them as one of the main reasons he doesn’t play the game. After raving about the shields, he says, “It’s boring.” Doc later jokes that he might read e-mails while playing on his other monitor, indicating that he is uninterested in the game.

Issues with Apex Legends

While this could just be a streamer venting after a particularly stressful session of gaming, Doc is undoubtedly not the only Apex Legends player who is dissatisfied with the game’s current status. Many Apex players have expressed their dissatisfaction with the current condition of the game’s balance. For far too long, certain heroes and perks have been over-nerfed or left in an overpowered form. The most irritating difficulties in Apex are, of course, the bugs and exploits, but Respawn has a history of quickly resolving them or banning offenders.

Regardless, it appears that Doc’s problem is more with the game’s pace than with a hacker or OP weapon. Despite the fact that the developers are generally supportive of their gamers, there is certainly more that can be done to make Apex Legends the ultimate battle royale game. It’s unclear whether Doc will still be willing to play once its troubles are resolved.


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