dr disrespect

“I could be the head of the Netflix streaming platform,” Dr Disrespect said of his intention to join Netflix’s gaming program.

The popular YouTuber wants to add his characteristic “violence, speed, and momentum.” to the gigantic Californian video platform’s first streamer.

Not only does Doc want to stream on Netflix but he also wants to be a part of the company’s initial venture into the streaming market.

Dr Disrespect has been without an exclusive streaming agreement since he was kicked off Twitch for unknown reasons — only weeks after signing a big-money deal, too — and while he’s still on the rise on YouTube, the boisterous star is looking for a new home.

On Dr Disrespect’s recent streams, the subject of signing with Netflix and leading a new streaming category with the Californian corporation has come up a few times. He began peddling his plans again on July 29 in his most recent show.

The Doc is pushing one clear message: the banned Twitch star believes he and Netflix should team up to start building a streaming empire.

He announced: “I would be open to taking a seat at Netflix. I’m willing to sit down at the table. Black suit, black tie. Hair in a ponytail. Prototypes stay on, of course. I could be the head of the Netflix streaming platform. I’d help them put together the most interactive, dominating streaming platform. With the power of Netflix, imagine what you could offer too”.

“There’s Hulu, Amazon, these digital platforms that are streaming video now. So Netflix has to get in [to streaming] to stay ahead. They’re still the leader, they have the brand and images, and now’s the time to build on those”.

“That’s what will separate you, Netflix, from all the others. There’s a big chance here. I’m just talking now, throwing stuff out, but think about it. Think about it.”

In his July 29 live show, he threw out a few of these ideas while gazing into his streaming camera the entire time — to talk to Netflix, of course. There were movie templates, screening parties, and premieres, among other things.

The related segment begins at 1:19:23 in the video below.

It appears like Dr Disrespect has worked out all of the kinks in the move, so the only thing left is for Netflix to show up. Sure, there are still unanswered questions (the unexplained Twitch ban, for instance), but it’s an undoubtedly enticing offer, especially as Netflix attempts to create a gaming path.


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