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A neurotechnology company called Neurable has revealed headphones with a brain-computer interface (BCI). BCIs have been receiving a lot of hype since Elon Musk has mentioned them in one of his plans.

The newest entry to the market came from Neurable. The Boston-based startup revealed a pair of headphones, called Enten (which means “to understand” in Spanish) that use brainwave sensors to measure the focus levels of the user throughout the day. Enten is currently in pre-sale on the company’s website and promises to help manage user time.

When this gadget was launched, Neurable pointed out that an average person spends only 2 hours and 53 minutes of hours performing tasks or activities. The remaining day is full of distractions, interruptions, and daydreams. Moreover, It takes eleven minutes to regain focus. The headphones as claimed by the company promises to show the user how and when he works best, minimizing distractions and maximizing the focus to carry out activities more efficiently. The device links neuroscience with the everyday life of a person.

Neurable’s app provides data about the user’s focus patterns, such as the times at which the person has been most productive and when a break is needed. Users can auto-mute notifications based on their own focus levels, activate noise cancellation, or switch on a light that acts as a “do not disturb” signal.

Users also have the privilege to listen to music while they work to find out which songs and genres improve their concentration and which are the ones causing a distraction.

The evolution of the development of Enten. Credit: Neurable

Enten is a product that has taken more than ten years of studies. BCI technology will be used for people with amputations, children with cerebral palsy, and people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

How do Enten headphones work?

Enten uses 16 (EEG) sensors present in the ear cushions of the headphones to detect electrical activity going on in the brain. The signals are then amplified, cleaned, and processed to provide information about the respective focus patterns.

According to Neurable, Enten detects when the individual is operating with more attention and when he is not too. It also guides the user on how to work efficiently. The headset detects patterns of brain activity with the most unmatched precision and accuracy.

When the device realizes that the user is in their concentration zone, the headset sends a command to applications to silence their notifications. It even has a “do not disturb” light signal for anyone trying to communicate urgently with the user. Enten is capable of rejecting calls through gesture controls, such as winking or nodding. There are also physical buttons for functions. The user can review the data that the headset monitors through the application.

In addition to listening to music or podcasts, the headset can also be put down just to cancel out the surrounding noise. The Enten has a battery that lasts all day and works via Bluetooth 5.1, and can also be used with the cable. It also has a microphone.

At the time of writing Enten’s 3 models are available in the price range of $199 – $367 with an estimated delivery date of May 2022. All have three colorways – Black, White, Green.



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