Ergotron’s HX Desk Monitor Arm

Hey readers, there’s a lot of new products coming up in the market for the gaming industry. And if I am not wrong, we can also say that the Tech sector is revolutionizing in terms of bringing such amazing and innovative products for use, which makes the experience not only fascinating but also checks our comfort.

Talking more about the tech sector revolution, Ergotron a company focused on improving how people work, learn, play and care for others, has introduced the HX Desk Monitor Arm with HD Pivot, designed specifically for deep, ultra-wide curved monitors (49-inch/1000R Screens) and to give its user an optimal viewing experience. HX Desk Monitor Arm with HD Pivot comes in two color options – White and Black.

Ergotron’s HX Desk Monitor Arm with HD Pivot

So readers, Ergotron Inc. is a global company founded in 1977. Its headquarters are situated in Minnesota, the US and it basically focuses on how people work, learn, play and care for others.

Believing the same, what they focus on and their user feedback, they have brought a new product .i.e. HX Desk Monitor Arm with HD Pivot. Well, that’s a combination of two accessories making one product. Ergotron combined HX Desk Monitor Arm, with HX Heavy Duty Tilt Pivot.

Features of HX Desk Monitor Arm with HD Pivot

John Debauche, who is the Senior Product Manager at Ergotron claims that “The games and remote workers who prefer large, immersive monitors need a monitor arm for the best experience in terms of performance and viewing.” Moreover, he believes that their product will provide desk space and flexibility for adjusting heavy displays with deep curves taking gaming and work up to the next level.

  • HX Desk Monitor Arm with HD Pivot white
  • HX Desk Monitor Arm with HD Pivot black
  • HX Desk Monitor Arm with HD Pivot top view

The product provides following features:

  • Designed for deep, ultra-wide monitors
  • Solid and durable design
  • Allows easy tilt and movement of the screen
  • Wide range of motion, and easy adjustments
  • Increase desk space
  • It almost fits large monitors with curve 6″ to 12″ deep, weighing 28-42 pounds (like the Samsung Odyssey G9 Gaming Monitor)
  • Arm even provides 15 degrees back and 5 degrees forward tilt.
  • Provides 11.5 inches of lift.
  • Has 180 degree of the pan and 360 degrees of tilt.
  • Includes cable routing system

Price of HX Desk Monitor Arm with HD Pivot

Although, for now there are no details about the price, but if we see the prices for the regular HX Desk Monitor Arm and HX Heavy Duty Tilt Pivot separately, it costs $288 and $64 respectively. For more info you can visit Ergotron’s site.

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