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Credit: Secretlab

Secretlab has introduced their very first PC Desk in the market called – MAGNUS Metal Desk. Secretlab founded in 2014 is a gaming chair manufacturing company in Singapore. The company is specialized in making high-quality gaming chairs but this time it has come up with a new product – MAGNUS Metal Desk starting at $449 which is mainly focused on keeping your cables under control with the help of magnets and also magnetic accessories having features of customization and adjustability.

About The Magnus Metal Desk

According to the announcement made by Secretlab, “This desk is a modern computer desk where you can start to strike things off your to-do list, or climb up the ladder in-game. It is designed with gaming-friendly features”.

The Magnus Metal Desk consists of following features:

  • Easily interchangeable designs
  • The fully modular magnetic ecosystem
  • Ultra-modern steel chassis
  • Powder-coated obsidian design
  • Secretlab MAGPAD( fully covered magnetic leatherette desk pad)
  • Secretlab MAGRGB ($59 for the 59-inch desk)
  • Magnetic Cable Anchors
  • Seamless Cable Management
  • Easy Access Cable Tray
  • Slim Table Top

Secretlab claims that this desk works as an all-in-one desk providing you a suitable environment to work, create, watch, and, play.

Some Special Features

The table is about 29 inches in height but you can adjust it manually up to 0.8 inches high as per your requirement. If we talk about the lighting the company is offering an RGB lighting strip that you can connect near the back of the desk.

  • The special feature is that it reduces the mess created by wires. It features a unique cable management tray under the table for that.
  • Talking about magnetic cable Anchors, they are designed to attach magnetically to metal desk surfaces that help keep cables organized.
  • One more feature is CABLE SHEATH that covers the wires over the table legs by placing it over them.
  • Now gaming needs headphones and instead of placing them randomly, the desk provides a headphones hanger.
  • Table leveling is also one feature in it to check whether it is adjusted rightly.
  • MAGNUS Metal Desk
  • Magnetic Headphone Holder

Price and Launch Details

Talking about prices the MAGPAD will cost around $79 to $99 depending on the edition and an offer will also be given for a limited edition. The other accessories will also be rolled out in the market side by side. Well, the 59-inch version of the MAGNUS Metal Desk is available to buy now for $449 without the accessories, and if the buyer buys the accessories separately then the cost reaches around $552 which is a way better price than buying it as a set which may cost a little more. There is another version of 47-inch that will cost $399, but the company has not yet released the launch date for it.

For more details and information visit the official website of the company.



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