Evercade VS Retro Home console Set for November Release

Evercade VS- Home Console

The Evercade VS, a new mini console with local multiplayer support, has been announced by Blaze Entertainment.

This is a home console that plays on the TV, as opposed to the Evercade, which was a handheld console that debuted last year and played officially licenced retro games.

Since the Evercade VS is part of the Evercade family of consoles, it plays emulated games using the same cartridge infrastructure as the handheld console.

Slots & Battery Life

The console has two cartridge slots, enabling the user to insert two carts at once, giving them access to a combined library of up to 40 games.

It can play retro games at 1080p resolution, which is superior to the handheld. It also has four USB controller ports for up to four players to play local multiplayer.

Online Connectivity?

To support further control schemes, the official Evercade VS controllers have updated their controller button layout to include additional shoulder buttons. With a USB cable, the Evercade handheld can be used as an auxiliary controller.

Although there is no support for online play, the console does have WiFi connectivity, which allows it to receive firmware updates.

Evercade VS

Library of 260 Retro Games

Since its launch in 2020, the Evercade has amassed a library of over 260 officially licenced retro games. The majority of the games are packaged in collectible cartridges from the same partnered publisher, such as Codemasters, Interplay, Data East, and Atari.

The Evercade VS will be available for pre-order on May 28, with the console releasing on November 3 for $99.99 (£89.99).

Old games have also been a hot topic among the big platform owners. Following public pressure, PlayStation U reversed its decision to close its PS3 and Vita digital stores, while Xbox has stated that preserving classic games is “more critical than ever.”


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