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WWE and anime streaming giant Crunchyroll are going to collab for a new anime series. The news spread as an aftermath of a call among the company investors.

Expectation from the Anime 

It is still unknown that if the anime is going to be an original action-wrestling anime or going to be based or inspired on the huge library of characters. As it will be a massive collaboration with WWE so we can hope that most parts of the anime and fights are going to take place in the arena. As it’ll be made for the promotion of the wrestling franchise so we can see several WWE references in it.

Anime x WWE 

We all know that there’s a well-known relationship between Wrestling and Anime as many wrestling animes like Tiger mask, Wanna be the strongest in the world, Hajime no Ippo, and many other series are famous among pro Wrestling fans. And also many of the wrestling superstars are well-known anime fans such as AJ Styles, BIG E, Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, and Asuka.

WWE’s Collaborations 

WWE is collaborating with several streaming platforms like now with Crunchyroll and they recently collaborated with the streaming platform ‘Peacock’ due to which we witnessed one of the worlds biggest wrestling marketing move as the franchise gave by bringing its content on the streaming platform and it even became the end of WWE network in the USA. But this move helped them to gain a great media presence.

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A&E also launched some episodes that were mainly centered on Macho Man, Stone Cold, Rowdy, and several others. It is also going to collaborate with G4 to host a gaming event.

WWE’s history with animated series

This is not going to be the only animated series by WWE. They recently have collaborated on an animated series that’s going to air on Cartoon Network. They have also made some straight-to-DVD animated releases and have also done some crossovers with some popular shows like Flintstones, Scooby doo, and Surf’s up.

Th company is making some bold moves for their marketing like collaboration with Peacock and collaborating for their anime which can gain them much popularity due to the presence of a huge anime-loving audience. 


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