Everything announced at ID@Xbox Indie Showcase

Microsoft and Twitch recently presented the second ID@Xbox Indie Showcase in which they revealed new trailers and details for almost 30 upcoming titles. Six out of which will release on Xbox Game Pass: Library of Runia that (out now), Aragami 2 (September 17th), Artful Escape (September 9th), and the other two are: Evil Genius 2, Pupparazzi, and Stardew Valley will release sometime in Fall 2021.

Now let’s take a look at everything announced at ID@Xbox Indie Showcase:

Library of Runia

A library battle simulation game was out on August 10th, where you battle using cards and dice against the librarians. All this is to get more and more books to your library. The collection of books – Amass, invites guests to the library to get into the layers of Runia. It goes until you get your hands on the perfect book.

Aragami 2

Aragami 2, a third-person cautious and surreptitious action game set to release on September 17th, where you play the role of an assassin and control the shadow essence with mystical powers. Tasks, quests, and assignments are to be performed. Therefore, get ready to defend your people and connect with the shadow clan.

Artful Escape

Artful Escape, the new video game, will be released on September 9, 2021, on Xbox Game Pass and developed by Beethoven and Dinosaur. It has a storyline where a teenage guitar prodigy becomes a folk legend. The voices of Caroline Headey, Mark Strong, Michael Johnston, Jason Schwartzman, and Carl Weathers will be used in the game.

Evil Genius 2

The Evil Genius 2: World Domination is a real-time tactical video game developed by Rebellion Development and is announced for Xbox and Playstation. It is based on the similar formula of the 2004 predecessor. Here, you put yourself in the shoe of the bad guy and execute the plans to dominate the world.


If you are a dog lover, this is the game for you. Pupparazzi is all about capturing the adorable pics of dogs. A first-person photography game where you fetch, play, and hang out with them. It is coming to Xbox pass soon.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a simulation role-playing game, wherein you have inherited the old plot of your grandfather in the valley. You are all set to begin your life over there with all essentials – tools and coins. So, let us see whether the old overgrown plot is converted into a home and how will your life unfold in the new place.

Other games annocued are:

  • Aeon Drive (2awesome Studios)
  • ANVIL (Action Square)
  • Button City (Subliminal)
  • Inked (Byte Dance)
  • Inkulinati (Yaza Games)
  • Lab Rat (Chump Squad)
  • Lightyear Frontier (FRAME BREAK)
  • Loot River (Straka Studio)
  • Mad Streets (Craftshop Arts)
  • OlliOlli World (Private Label)
  • Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous (Owlcat)
  • Planet of Lana (Wishfully)
  • Project Wingman (Meowza Games)
  • RPG Time (Deskworks)
  • Sable (Shedworks)
  • Sam & Max Save the World Remastered (Skunkape Games), now available for console
  • She Dreams Elsewhere (Studio Zevere)
  • Solace State (Vivid Foundry)
  • Soup Pot (Chikon Club)
  • Spacelines From the Far Out (Coffeenauts)
  • The Big Con (Mighty Yell Studios), August 31, 2021
  • The Vale: Shadow of the Crown (Falling Squirrel)
  • The Wandering Village (Stray Fawn)

You can rewatch the two-hour-long ID@Xbox Indie Showcase Twitch stream here.



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