Cthulhu-Themed tabletop RPG is now Crowdfunding for its own anime film

Cthulhu-Themed Japanese tabletop RPG (role playing game) “Kyoki Sanmyaku Jashin no Sanrei” or “Mountains of madness-Summit of the Evil Gods” will be featured as a 10-minute pilot for a film titled Kyoki Sanmyaku as developer Madaraushi made it public this Sunday (via ANN). The anime film will come into being as a crowdfunded project with the crowdfunding campaign launching in October this year.

This ‘proof of concept’ actually paves the way for the upcoming Cthulu Mythos-themed tabletop RPG film project to an anime audience. This standalone RPG has no relatives whether it’s Sandy Petersen and Chaosium’s widely popular Call of Cthulhu RPG or the Mountains of Madness board game however, focuses on a horror-themed story where players are involved in exploring and climbing a dark mountain. But it sure does take inspiration from H.P. Lovecraft’s “Kyoki no Sanmyaku ni te” (actually At the Mountains of Madness).

These tabletop RPGs are not only an integral part of the Japanese sports community but its pop culture as well. It is a common convention in their tabletop RPG players community where they sell their edited ‘replays’ (prose format taken from events of their game session) which eventually gain public attention and become popular enough to bag anime adaptation. Some of the most known RPG turned into animation projects include Night Wizard and Record of Lodoss War or Chaos Dragon.

Via his tweet and YouTube game developer Madaraushi has suggested that he is currently looking for collaborators and is drafting scripts and imageboard art.


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