Experts advised that constant practice may improve your IQ score

IQ tests are generally used by many institutions and they can be either educational or other companies to measure the capabilities of a student or an applicant. These tests are used in many psychological studies which look upon many aspects that can affect intelligence. If compared to other tests, it sounds logical that one can improve in their IQ tests by constant practice.

But can we conclude that by practicing more, IQ tests score can be improved? And what does it mean if we look at different aspects of an IQ test? Can a person improve in IQ score by practice? This question was asked to different experts and mixed answers were observed.

What does an IQ score mean?

IQ abbreviated as “INTELLIGENCE QUOTIENT”. It is an average score representing the reasoning ability, mental ability, and execution ability of an individual relative to the whole population. IQ tests are used to calculate IQ scores. The term IQ was derived in the early 1900 and from then it continues to change its meaning.

IQ Test

IQ tests are used to assess the different abilities of a person, it can be either logical, reasoning, abstract reasoning,visual-spatial processing, learning, and holding information abilities. Now many online IQ tests are available that claim to calculate IQ effectively but the most effective results came from official tests that are for one hour (time varies in different places) and handled by professionals.

Is it possible to improve IQ with practice?

The expert answers were different on whether someone could improve their IQ score with practice or not. Dr. Ian Silver, having great knowledge in intelligence and behavioral sciences from Cincinnati University says that “Most of the practice ways, such as mobile applications or different online courses, generally will not help to increase IQ scores or intelligence .”

Solving IQ tests again and again or more could improve scores are thoughts of Dr. Hynek Cigler, a psychology professional from Masaryk University, who says, “Constant practice in IQ tests will improve scores obtained in such tests as you become a better ‘test-taker. But, the influence on your actual intelligence is almost negligible.”

IQ score and intelligence are two different aspects according to most of the experts. Interestingly, Dr. Cigler said that “some ‘aspects’ of intelligence are part of learning and practicing. The practice of such skills could lead to better growth, especially when a person is at a younger age. But, this connection is not genuine.”

Is IQ enough for measuring intelligence?

Many experts said that IQ test scores could probably be improved with practice, but is this indicates that IQ tests are worthless?

Professor Dimitri Van der Linden from Rotterdam University says “This is not true. It is possible to become better in any test by practice, probably by cheating also, but at last, the IQ test remains a better way of predicting one’s intelligence”. The opinion of Professor Van der Linden is similar to that of many experts in psychology. Seven experts answered as ‘yes’ to the question of Metafact, that Are IQ scores a good way of calculating general intelligence? IQ scores are a good way of predicting factors like academic success and chances of getting a job”.

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Despite such support to IQ tests, many other experts highlighted other aspects also. The important fact is that IQ tests do not measure all types of intelligence of a person, such as creative, emotional, or social intelligence are not assessed by IQ tests. An expert in education and intelligence from Cornell University, Professor Robert Sternberg says “These tests are not capable in measuring our ability to solve our important life problems and challenges.”

The main difficult point is that there is not one specific definition of intelligence. There are different types of intelligence and thus there are different ways to measure them and each has a different impact on our ability to succeed in the respective field of life.


With constant practice, one may be able to improve the IQ score as IQ tests remain as a better method to calculate someone’s intelligence about reasoning and memorization, but also the important and true fact is that IQ tests can not measure creative, social, and emotional intelligence.

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