New Dragon Ball Super Movie for 2022 announced with an “unexpected character” involvement - Craffic

On the occasion of Goku Day, Mangaka Akira Toriyama & Toei Animations surprised fans by the announcement of the new Dragon Ball super movie which is set to release in 2022. Announcements along with the statement from Akira Toriyama was posted on the official Dragon Ball site. Just like the previous Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie, creator Akira Toriyama is going to play a major role in production including script, character design, and screenplay.

Creator has said that there will be extreme and entertaining bouts and new animation aesthetics will be tried. They even hinted that there will be involvement from “unexpected character”. Unfortunately, neither Toei nor Akira Toriyama has revealed anything else. The title, premise, and exact release date of the movie are still not available. 

Dragon Ball Super Movie 2 for 2022 confirmed

The previous Dragon Ball Super movie was a box office hit worldwide. It earned over $120 million and was a smash hit among fans. As a result, the new movie has a lot to live up to. 

Is this a canon

The anime adaptation of the manga is already ended in 2018 but the manga is still going on, so the next major question is whether the current movie will be canon or not? As in past a lot of non-canon Dragon Ball Z movies are released. But as there is a big involvement of Akira Toriyama, we can still hope that it’s a canon. Only predictions can be made at this point, and only time will tell.

More announcements 

As this was just a teaser to the original movie, a lot more information is yet to be revealed. But one thing is for sure, the hype is only going to blow up from here. And before you leave don’t forget to tell us your views on Dragon Ball Super Movie 2 in the comment section.



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