'Final Fantasy The First Soldier' and 'Final Fantasy Ever Crisis' announced for Android and iOS devices - Craffic

Square-Enix has just announced two Final Fantasy VII mobile games, in which one is a battle royale game, and a second is more like a nostalgic-focused game covering the entire Final Fantasy 7 timeline. Now being mobile games for Android and iOS devices, both are not shown on Sony’s State of Play event, where the company revealed news of Final Fantasy VII Remake getting a PS5 upgrade, and a new chapter starring Yuffie.

Final Fantasy The First Soldier

Now one of the two games “Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier” is a kind of battle royale game, where you have to fight for survival in Midgar set 30 years before the events of Final Fantasy 7. Players appear to fight through the roads of Midgar in a competition to be the first member Soldier, Shinra’s world-class battling power.

The game’s trailer uncovers that players will be able to battle recognizable beasts and other players, just as different players, and may even have the option to summon assist beasts, as Ifrit. It’s additionally plainly demonstrated after the form of Midgar seen in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Final Fantasy Ever Crisis

The second mobile game is “Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis”, which is a mix of third-person shooter action that covers the entire Final Fantasy 7 timeline, including the occasions of the first game and the Final Fantasy 7 compilation titles. That implies it incorporates Final Fantasy 7, Advent Children, Before Crisis, Crisis Core, and Dirge of Cerberus.

“Final Fantasy The First Soldier” is due to arrive on Android and iOS devices in 2021, with “Final Fantasy Ever Crisis” to follow in 2022.



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