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Shark – Human-Like Features

fisherman was left amused after witnessing his lifetime memory of fishing as he had caught a baby shark with an eerily human-like face.

A 48-year-old fisherman, Abdullah Nuren claimed that he and his brother had by mistake caught a pregnant female shark in the trawler net over the weekend in Indonesia’s East Nusa Tenggara province.

Birth of Three Pups

And the surprise came out after obtaining three pups from the insides of an adult shark after slicing it open. 

Two of the baby sharks were similar to the mother as per claims of Mr. Nuren but the third had a striking facial feature bearing resemblance to those of a human. 

  • Human Like baby Shark
  • Fisherman caught Mutant Baby Shark

The images obtained are somehow featuring round eyes close to each other in contrast to normal sharks showing a resemblance to the Baby Shark cartoon. 

Fisherman Preserving Baby Shark 

The fisherman has taken a call to take the shark to his home and preserve it as a good luck charm for his future fishing acquaintances. 

Researchers Think Birth Defect 

A marine conservation biologist and postdoctoral researcher at Arizona State University, Dr. David Shiffman stated that the reason behind this new species is congenital defects causing these shark features.  

He thinks of it as a birth defect and not a new species that arise. 



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