Fortnite's Wolverine emote bug is deleting items of players' inventory

Wolverine is the latest Marvel superhero to join the Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 2 – Season 4. The character’s anticipated arrival on October 1 brought us very first chance to play as Wolverine in the game. Along with a bug that involves the player’s inventory and the Wolverine character’s built-in emote. As many players noticed that when they use Wolverine’s emoting ability, it is resulting in deleting one of their inventory items.

Fortnite’s Wolverine bug can become a serious issue for players

For those who don’t know, the player’s inventory refers to the items they have in their ‘backpack’ i.e. weapons, heals, and other things that you’ve picked up around the map. And losing your inventory while emoting is obviously a very big problem, especially if it happens in the end mins of the game when there is not much island is left and you have only a very small patch of land to loot.

As you can see Epic’s tweet on this relates the bug with Save the World mode only, but some players are reporting similar issues in other game modes, as well. It’s unclear how many people are impacted by the bug. But this bug can create problems for controller and console players, who often keep an AR or shotgun in their first slot.

For now, Epic has advised players to avoid using Wolverine’s emote in any mode until it can get an official fix out. As the company has listed this bug with “important” and “investigating” labels on its official Trello board, its fix is not very likely to arrive soon or until the next game patch rolls out.


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