Free fire chrono operation featuring CR7

Free Fire is a multiplayer battle-royal game that is a global sensation with a player base of millions. The game has already worked with a number of big names around the world and even took some of them to their virtual battlefield as an exclusive character. Recently, some leaks have indicated that in-game characters based on Cristiano Ronaldo would be added to Free Fire, and this inclusion is now officially confirmed.

CR7 is coming to Free Fire as a new in-game character called ‘Chrono.’ This partnership between the soccer legend and the leading mobile battle-royal game is big in the mobile gaming industry.

To celebrate this collaborative effort, the next seasonal update of Free Fire was called ‘Operation Chrono.’ Several activities and in-game products will be introduced this season and the character itself will be released in Free Fire on 19 December.

Free fire operation Chrono operation featuring CR7

Chrono will have an active ability named as Time-Turner, similar to other popular in-game characters, which will help users and allies move faster and cause more damage. The skill description reads, “[It] produces a force field that blocks 500 enemy damage. Movement speed is rising by 40%. During the capability activation phase, allied forces in the field receive a 40% speed bonus. The effect lasts 10s. And 40s cooldown.”


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