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Gaynor and a group of designers and writers at Fullbright are developing a game, Open Roads, about a teen girl and her mother. The game, expected out in 2021, was uncovered in December and stars Keri Russel (The Americans) and Kaitlyn Dever (Books mart). Gaynor depicted Open Roads as “a mother-daughter road trip experience game.” It is, from numerous points of view, a lot of a Fullbright game, about exploring an environment and looking through things for an individual’s story.

In any case, the enormous distinction between Open Roads and Fullbright‘s initial two games, Gone Home and Tacoma, is that now there are two characters in the space: Opal, the mother, and Tess, the little girl. “Imagine a scenario where there was another character in the room who was encountering these things with you?” Gaynor inquired.

In the previous decade or thereabouts, game narratives have developed to adore the alleged dismal father — watching figures like Joel from The Last of Us become a proxy father to Ellie or God of War‘s Kratos on an excursion with his child. Yet, moms in the game industry still can’t seem to be addressed with such intricacy or even shared traits. Those connections can be whimsical and sincerely tangled.

All in all, they’re ready for drawing in stories. “What’s all the more intriguing to us to put on screen? What is a story that is not getting told so a lot?” says Gaynor. Influenced by stories like Lady Bird and girlhood encounters from individuals from the group, including Gaynor’s co-writer and spouse, Rachel, Fullbright needed to give proper homage to encounters they’ve had in their own lives. Open Roads is a matriarchal story, with Tess and Opal diving into the obscure existence of Tess’s grandma.

Open Roads character Tess
Credit: FullBright

It’s likewise a period that feels nostalgic presently, just as strangely as 2021. Open Roads is a game that was created, to some degree, during 2020, a year that individuals will recollect for its uncontrolled out of control fires, racial retribution, and a segregating pandemic. The year will stand apart as one of those significant times of our lives; there’s presently pre-2020 and post-2020. 2003 felt comparative; being post-9/11 and toward the beginning of the Iraq War, Gaynor said. “It was still without question, ‘Support the troops,’ and ‘never forget,’ which was a lot of the national — and international — moment.”

Fullbright’s Open Roads is expected to be released in 2021 on PC (Steam), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5.


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