Mi Air Charge of Xiaomi can Charge Phone Wirelessly from Distance

Mi Air Charge

There seems to be a race among Chinese OEMs like Xiaomi and OPPO for achieving the best smartphone charging speeds and some are trying extremely dangerous methods. For the time being it appears that Xiaomi has the upper hand with the release of the Mi Air Charge that has achieved wireless charging logically correct. This can be a bit disappointing if one gets in fine details but it is just a foundation stone for its future technologies in IoT along with mobile. 

What is True Wireless?

If we take the example of the wireless earphones, they were not initially wireless as they were attached with a neckband or flexible wire, and then the true wireless came into play. Similar is the thing with wireless charging as the ideal thought we get with wireless charging in our head is not met. As the electricity transfer may be wireless but the current Qi standard requires a very narrow gap between charging coils i.e. they should be in contact. And in some cases, specific placement of devices is required for implementation which is solved by Apple’s MagSafe.

Mi Air Charge

If one defines wireless charging, he should take an analogy from wireless communication – magic in the air for as far one can go. There have been few attempts in research work of achieving true wireless but none was commercialized. However, Xiaomi comes with a breakthrough by putting their name first in this technology and showcase it publicly.

How is Magic Charge Possible?

The company calls it the Mi Air Charge defining it as truly wireless charging technology by making use of dozens of antennas to make it happen. Five phase interference antennas come with a large charger that finds the location of the smartphone and 144 other antennas transmit millimeter-wide waves in the direction of the phone. Smartphone has a beacon antenna that tells the location of the phone and also responsible for converting millimeter waves into charging the phone. 

Use Case of Mi Air Charge

But it not that easy as something questions the credibility of truly wireless technology- Mi Air Charge. Charging is not possible at the same 100W wired charging as being an experimental project, it only tops 5W. It may take time to be viable enough for the future.



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