rovio hatch

Rovio terminated its game streaming service, Hatch. The service was introduced in 2017, but it was found that the company had terminated the service without any fanfare back in December 2020. Although the company has not clarified why but there is a possibility that the lack of popularity may have contributed to it.

Rovio is the developer of the famous smartphone game Angry Birds, for those who are unfamiliar. Back in the early days of smartphones, the Angry Birds franchise used to be a huge deal, but it has now quieted down. The company has continued to expand and diversify its services, and one of them was the Hatch streaming service.

According to Omdia senior analyst George Jijiashvili, “Hatch’s target demographic simply didn’t exist – this was its biggest downfall. Most of the games in its library were available to download from app stores, and the cloud gaming element did not appeal to the casual mobile gamers.” 

If you haven’t heard of Hatch, we think you can’t really be blamed, particularly because now there are bigger names like Google Stadia, NVIDIA’s Geforce, and so on in the streaming market.

The report also states that back in 2019, Rovio had actually tried to sell its controlling stake in Hatch, but it seems they were not successful.



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