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Glancing through these forthcoming indie games was exciting. There are so many fascinating, bizarre, and dazzling indie games to anticipate in the new year. All of the games on this rundown are scheduled to turn out in 2021, each similarly aspiring in gathering its objective. We have a couple noir-style criminal investigator thrill rides, a touch of youngster anxiety, and a couple of hand-drawn delights.

Obviously, these aren’t the entirety of the stunning indie games turning out in 2021 — there are simply too many amount to list. We’ll proceed with our inclusion of independent games to play in 2021, and I’d love for you to share games you’re anticipating in the remarks beneath.

Raptor Boyfriend: A High School Romance

From designer Rocket Adrift, Raptor Boyfriend: A High School Romance is about a shy, awkward young person searching for love during the The 1990s. It’s a dating simulator and visual novel, where players — as the primary character Stella — befriends a lot of cryptid youngsters: a fairy, talking velociraptor, and a Bigfoot. It’s portrayed as a ’90s teenager dramatization, and it would appear that; it has everything from emotional calls, make-out sessions, and cassette tapes. The art style looks amazing, as well.


Saturnalia is a jazzy survival horror game going to the Epic Games Store in 2021. The game happens in Sardinia, Italy in 1989, in an old village with a dreadful custom — and individuals vanish every year. What stands apart from most is Saturnalia’s art style. I haven’t seen anything like it!

She Dreams Elsewhere

She Dreams Elsewhere, as you may have speculated, happens inside a dream. Portrayed as an adventure RPG, the indie game has a surrealist vibe set — the ideal setting for an awful dream. The music, created by Mimi Page, is great.

Goodbye Volcano High

Canadian engineer KO_OP is working on Goodbye Volcano High, a story game about a lot of secondary school-matured dinosaurs as they’re sorting out life with graduation coming. It’s depicted as an artistic game “about the finish of a time, and the start of a romantic tale.”


Season, from designer Scavengers Studio, was as of late reported during The Game Awards 2020, and it was one of the standout games from the event. The game resembles an environmental awesome, highlighting a woman collecting of a perfect, strange world.


Nuts is a game about watching squirrels. It has an unmistakable craftsmanship style — it looks unfathomable. In watching these squirrels, the player will “reveal the mystery that the inquisitive animals are hiding.” I am exceptionally energized.

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion

 The name says everything — Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion. There are puzzles, crops, fights, yet the majority of all, no duties. “Destroy a bad vegetable government,” as per the Steam page. Who isn’t down with that?

Chinatown Detective Agency

Indeed, we have a huge cyberpunk game out toward the finish of 2020. In any case, there is something else entirely to the genre, and you can see that in Chinatown Detective Agency. It happens in 2032 in a stylish, cutting edge Singapore. Made by Singapore-based engineer General Interactive Co., it would appear that a fascinating future.


From developer Visai Games, Venba is depicted as a “narrative cooking game,” set in 1980s Canada. It fixates on an Indian mother, with players, tasked with cooking and recollecting lost recipes. It’s a story about “family, love, loss, and more” the developer wrote on Steam. It looks mind-boggling.


Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 + 2 held me off for some time, yet the skating match-up I’m truly anticipating is SkateBird, from developer Glass Bottom Games. Birds on skateboards! Birds! On! Skateboards!


The colorful world of 30XXlooks speedy and intense and it has an awesome soundtrack. It looks a ton like Mega Man X, however as per the developer, it has the “replayability of a modern Roguelike.” Co-operation is accessible as well. If you loved 20XX, you’ll like this game, as well.


I’ve been intrigued with Mundaun’s visuals since it was announced. The game is pencil-drawn, telling a horror story “set in a dim, disconnected valley of the alps.” The aesthetic is surely enough to attract people; however, the story and interactivity make this a game to watch.

ANNO: Mutationem

Another cyberpunk-styled game, ANNO: Mutationem is from the developer of ThinkingStars and publisher Lightning Games. It has a truly cool style — a blend of 2D and 3D illustrations.

Chaotic Era

From developer BOBBY, Chaotic Era looks too stylish — a highly contrasting interstellar, real-time strategy game. “Assume the part of a hyper-progressed AI system designed by one of mankind’s most prominent (and now extinct) mega-corporations,” the developer said. “Land Earth’s keep going getaway transport on another world and remake human civilization from the beginning.”

Hot Pot for One

At the point when it’s protected to do as such, the main café I will visit is my local hot pot spot. All things considered, I’m eating hot pot with my accomplice at home, and looking forward to experiencing the virtual variant of it when Hot Pot for One comes out one year from now.


There is a ton of noir, investigator style games turning out in 2021, yet Backbone sticks out. From developer EggNut and distributed by Raw Fury, Backbone makes them play as a raccoon detective for hire named Howard Lotor. The pixel craftsmanship style is awesome, and I can hardly wait to try this smart point-and-snap experience game.


I played Maquette at PAX East in 2020, and have been anxiously anticipating its release date. The game previously showed up in 2011 at the Game Developers Conference, and its bright plan was a moment hit. At last, it’s a full game, based around an imaginative and intriguing riddle style.

Book of Travels

Developer Might and Delight depict Book of Travels as a “one of a kind role-playing experience that doesn’t hold your hand.” It’s set in a fantasy world that is open for investigation — “no overall objective and no genuine start or end” — where the player makes their excursion.


If there is one approach to portray Dordogne, I would go with stunning. The game has a fabulous watercolor-style that I was right away attracted to. The account experience game has the player participating in “childhood memories,” as indicated by the Steam page. It’s set in the present and the past, however, every one of those universes looks similarly ravishing.


Teacup stars Teacup, a bashful frog. The offbeat world is loaded up with different animals to meet and a lot of riddles to address. It has incredibly stylish, including the wholesome journey of discovering spices to make tea.


Another excellent hand-drawn game, Tunche is a hack-and-slash roguelike through the Amazonian wilderness. It has a four-player center mode and resembles a huge load of fun. “Pick one of the five characters, ace their ranges of abilities and extreme capacities rout epic supervisors, and disentangle the privileged insights of the strange Amazonian wilderness,” designer LEAP Game Studios composed on Steam. “The game is based on the high-reward, high-reward battle, and highlights a ‘stylish’ grade system.”


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