Raji: An Ancient Epic's studio Nodding Heads to Focus on Indian Mythology, Lore, and Culture for their next game - Craffic

Nodding Heads co-founder and designer Avichal Singh today on Indian Gaming Show and Conference 2021 revealed that the Made-in-India game “Raji: An Ancient Epic” will get RTX support on PC in the coming months and that studios next game will be focused on Indian mythology, lore, and culture.

As reported by IGN, Avichal Singh described their roadmap for this year by stating that “for 2021 we have a solid roadmap that’s going to be revealed in a few weeks. We’re doing a lot of things. Some of them include RTX technology in Raji. Some of them include localization…”

Further he thaked the Indian gaming community for their support fro Raji, saying

“Moving forward beyond what’s next, we will be of course aiming for global success just like Raji,” he says. “But this time around we will keep an eye out on the Indian market because when Raji launched all the Indian YouTubers gave the fantastic response. It was surprising we didn’t expect it and we’re going to keep an eye out and adapt to all the changes in the Indian ecosystem.”

And at last, he revealed that Nodding Heads wants to focus on Indian mythology for their next game, saying “We want to create games on Indian mythology, lore, and culture, and that’s by default appealing to the Indian gaming market and how we can treat them a little more special is what we’re looking for.”

Nodding Heads studio is best know for “Raji: An Ancient Epic”, an action-adventure game set in ancient India, launched way back in August 2020. Built-in Unreal Engine 4 indie game Raji is available on all major platforms including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One.


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