Raspberry Pi powered Siri-controlled garage door management system - Craffic
Credit: Steve Does Stuff!

Check out this “Siri-controlled garage door management system” from Steve Does Stuff on YouTube. Which uses the power of a Raspberry Pi integrated with Siri support to control and check the status of up to three individual garage doors.

Custom interface of this “Siri-controlled garage door management system” is hosted on a Flask-based web server, so users can interact with it easily by using their iPhone or Apple Watch. Its dashboard offers various control options and also displays the door status along with log usage history of each door.

Now if you’re interested in making one of these, then first think you need is a Raspberry Pi Zero W as “Wi-Fi support is absolutely critical to the system design, to access all the information through a network connection to provide the web-based support.” (thanks Tom’s Hardware). Additionally it uses a 4-channel relay, magnetic reed switch (at least 1 per door, 2 per door recommended), Jumper/Breadboard wire 120ct and a hammer header for the Raspberry Pi, according to its GitHub page.

Raspberry pi based Siri garage door opener wiring diagram
Credit: Steve Does Stuff!

Running on a Flask server, its dashboard can be accessed from PC, smartphone/tablet and even from a smartwatch too. It accepts input and output data using Siri as an interface (meaning if you say Siri open the door, then it will open the door for you).

Steve has listed the items needed for this project. You can see the list, detailed steps and how the project works on its GitHub page.


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