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Sword fights are cool as they create a unique opportunity for choreography that other types of battle don’t. These have always been a thrilling part of the anime world. Watching two swordsmen letting their blades loose on each other, it’s always refreshing to watch no matter how enhanced the production quality becomes. Here is a collated list of anime series full of several encounters involving spectacular sword fights, battle confrontations, and epic animation.

#7 Hyakkimaru VS Tahomaru (Dororo)

It is the conclusion to what Hyakkimaru has always yearned for, struggle in pursuit of making his body whole again. We as viewers have had come a long way for this moment, witnessing Hyakkimaru achieving this holy grail. The final confrontation of Hyakkimaru with his brother, Tahomaru didn’t disappoint in the slightest, it could be considered as the sequence for which you might want to watch Dororo to the last. The 2019 version of Dororo presents a modern approach to the original 1968 manga leading to an exciting and immersive final battle.

#6 Jin & Mugen VS Kariya (Samurai Champloo)

Samurai Champloo is yet another classic from Shinichiro Watanabe (Cowboy Bebop), it is a unique anime regarding decoration and style, showcasing the amazing combination of Edo period and hip-hop. There are numerous fight sequences during the whole course of anime but the final sword fight between Jin & Mugen against Kariya stands atop. This fight leaks out characters, expressing each one of them through their fighting style. This sequence flows smoothly with 3 skilled swordsmen, 3 unique techniques and vigorous animation. No doubt Samurai Champloo prides itself on this fluid sequence and is remembered so fondly to this day.

#5 Thors VS Askelasdd (Vinland Saga)

This anime fight has got certain emotions attached to it along with building up incredible aftermath, two warriors clashing with their lives on the line. What makes this battle more memorable is Thors’ heroic sacrifice, showing what an honorable man he was. Although Askelasdd does look like a villain, he does so to survive in the cold Viking world. This fight is the underpinning that brought the story into real action. This motivated Thorfinn to avenge his father’s death.

#4 Sieg VS Shirou Kotomine (Fate/Apocrypha)

A determined young man taking up the sword against the antagonist named Kotomine.Here we get treated to a pulse-pounding showdown between two masters. While Kotomine unknown to Seig’s newly borrowed power, doesn’t give him a moment to breathe, he is lamentably unprepared to face the homunculus’ newfound strength after inheriting saber of black’s, monster’s will.

#3 Ichigo VS Ginjo (Bleach)

One of the most polished anime fights. After finally regaining his shinigami abilities Ichigo, it was the time for him to get with the leader of execution for his deceptions. While Ginjo’s bankai was pretty radical it still pales in comparison to Ichigo’s upgraded one. This fight results in one of the anime’s flashiest feuds filled with more Getsugatensho. Not to mention the cuts, the final one was sharp.

#2 Nanashi VS Luo Lang (Sword of the stranger)

This 2007 released movie was a visual wonder from anime studio Bones (MHA, FMA, etc.) and the swordfight sequence between Nanashi and Luo Lang perfectly depicts the solid production value and passion that you can see from the animators. The key animation was done by Hidetsugu Ito who mostly sticks to key animating theatrical films but this work has definitely raised the bar for other sword fight sequences out there. What makes it captivating is the fact that it is brimming with emotions, enhanced by the beautiful visual and sound production, detailed choreography, and striking cuts. The 13 years old scene has aged beautifully and still holds the position for the most impactful swordfight.

#1 Saber and Berserker (Fate/Stay Night Movie: Heaven’s Feel II)

This sequence was a treat for the eyes, it was flashy enough to kiss the top. Breathtaking animation and striking sound effects made it a wild ride. The Berserker here in this sequence was able to match Saber while showing his combat prowess. He is a lot more cunning and skillful than anyone would expect, it truly is an impactful fight in both story and meta sense. However, she is Alter Saber, she is on another level. This gave the fight a different dynamic. This fight remains atop in the series of every Saber and Berserker skirmish encounter and our today’s list as well.

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