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Sesshomaru is easily one of the most popular characters in the Inuyasha anime series. He has described as “Beautifully chilling and the strongest demon in the warring state era”. The Inuyasha anime series has a ton of amazing swords and Sesshomaru holds 3 of them. This article would help you manifest knowledge about Sesshomaru’s sword.

#3 Tenseiga (Iron-Crushing Fang)

Better known as Heavenly Rebirth Fang, Tenseiga is a healing sword crafted by Totosai. It was passed down by his father as an heirloom. Initially Sesshomaru never fully understood the behaviors of the sword but always kept it by his side and refused to discard it.

Birth: – The birth of Tenseiga began with Totosai who was an old yokai swordsmith and Toga who was said to be the most powerful demon and otherwise known as the father of both Sesshomaru and Inuyasha. Toga planed to possess both Tenseiga and Tessaiga so that later he could pass them down to his sons. Hence, Toga ordered Totosai to use his fangs to make the blades. Toga originally owned the Tenseiga and which was created to withdraw the Miedo Zangetsuha from the original Tessaiga.

After the death of Toga, Inuyasha who was a half-demon was gifted with the Tessaiga in order to protect himself and the Tenseiga was given to Sesshomaru who Toga wanted to learn compassion and kindness as well as being someone who he thought could surpass him on his own.

Sesshomaru Tenseiga sword

Strength: – Tenseiga possessed the abilities to kill beings native to the netherworld. Anyone wielding Tenseiga is permitted to pass through the gate unharmed. It was set to resurrect 100 people with one swing which was the reverse of the Tessaiga’s ability. It possesses the powers of restoring the life of the recently deceased. It also possesses the ability of purification. It can create a protective barrier around the wielder.

Wielder: – The user must learn and feel both compassion and sorrow in order to truly understand the swords’ properties. Sesshomaru permeated off a strong disgust towards humans and his father was aware of this arrogance and anger. He had little-to-no compassion. Thus, Toga passed down the blade to Sesshomaru which could teach him compassion and make use of it. Eventually, Sesshomaru’s sorrow and compassion, due to Kakura’s death and Ren’s second death, allowed him to wield Tenseiga as a weapon.

Limitations: – To avoid immortality it is made to revive a person a single time and during the revival, the body must be fully intact.

#2 Tokijin (Demon-Fighting God)

History: – Sesshomaru never wished to possess Tenseiga and regarded it useless since it could never be used as a weapon outside the netherworld. He yearned for the legendary Tessaiga which forced him to venture an alternative weapon, Tokijin. Unlike the Tessaiga or Tenseiga, Tokijin would not be made by Totosai but instead was made by his x-apprentice Kaijinbo. The blade possessed an evil aura and was planted into the ground with a barrier that eradicated anything that touched it. Eventually, he did find it and the evil aura disappeared with ease.

Sesshomaru Tokijin sword

Strength: – Its signature ability was being able to fire energy beams and as Sesshomaru mastered it they would grow and eventually manifest into his blue dragon strike (a massive energy attack in the form of a dragon) which would force Tokijin to essentially recharge.

End: – It didn’t last very long though as it was broken by Moryomaru leading Sesshomaru to fashion the Tenseiga and in doing so unlock its hidden ability the Miedo Zangetsuha which was basically a portal to the underworld.

#1 Bakusaiga (Explosive Crushing Fang)

The Explosive Crushing Fangs are Sesshomaru’s final and strongest sword. His growth and abandoning his interest in stealing the Tessaiga resulted in the birth of his own inner strength which in the end eclipsed even that of his own father and the two heirloom swords.

Compassion: – Sesshomaru totally became enraged when he comes to know that Miedo was meant to be passed down to Inuyasha. Hence, he fights Inuyasha but the Miedo ends up being transferred to Tessaiga rendering Sesshomaru with a run-of-the-mill sword. This incident led Sesshomaru to grow and made him no longer rely on his father’s strength.

Sesshomaru Bakusaiga sword

History: – During a confrontation with Magatsuhi, Sesshomaru with neither Tokijin nor Miedo was heavily outmatched and becomes severely injured and at one point Magatsuhi engulfs Sesshomaru. Some moments later a blinding light emerges from within and Sesshomaru becomes Daiyoki or the great demon and hence, Bakusaiga was born. It was manifested from the body of his own demonic power, it made Bakusaiga truly his own. According to Totosai Bakusaiga was inside Sesshomaru all along.

Strength: – It has the ability to corrode and dissolve any organic matter that it cuts stopping any regeneration and infecting anything that made physical contact. Like the Tokijin, the Bakusaiga was able to launch energy waves and explosions but in this case, they were able to kill over 1000 demons at once.



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