Top tier Anime fights where Enemies teamed up

The protagonist and the antagonist are the main driving force of any story. The moments of rivalry in anime, specifically in shonen, are the most awaited and celebrated. However, when this animosity turns into a friendship for that one single moment, generally called a team-up, makes history. Let’s dive into the culmination of such historic moments from the anime world.

#5 Gintoki and Takatsuki Vs NARAKU

Gintoki and Takatsuki Vs NARAKU

Anime-> Gintama

Technically speaking they really didn’t team up for the first time, but this fight against Naraku was the best in the vein of those team-ups. Gintoki and Takatsuki had a long history and this rivalry is actually one of the biggest things that make the story of Gintama so captivating. Watching former allies turned rivals and enemies reunite viewers were eagerly waiting for this dream union and when it actually happened after a long time, this got them out of their seats.

#4 Atsushi and Akutagawa VS FRANCIS

Atsushi and Akutagawa VS FRANCIS

Anime-> Bungou Stray Dogs

This team-up was one hell of a way to end a series, two sworn enemies teaming up for a lifetime for a greater reason (cringe right), but trust me, the level of character development this sequence provides is nowhere to be seen. Along with an epic, cool, and hyped fight. It’s a fight that showcases the resolve and growth they have gone through as characters and it shows that if they work together cohesively the powers actually make a pretty damn good combination.

#3 Deku and Bakugo VS NINE

Anime-> My hero academia: Heroes rising

The top rivalry in the new generation of mainstream shonen has to be Deku and Bakugo, no other currently airing stuff can match the history of these two characters. The movie Heroes rising brought its surprise in the form of the cinematic battle against Nine with the addition of a team-up between these intertwined characters. After facing defeat initially (typical shonen setup), this duo was able to defeat Nine with the Detroit smash. This sequence features One for all transcending to Bakugo, the power he had wanted for so long, alongside Deku. These visuals are one of the moments that no one can forget.

#2 Goku and Vegeta VS BROLY

Goku and Vegeta VS BROLY fight

Anime-> Dragon ball super: Broly

Name a pair of rivals more iconic than good old Goku and Vegeta given the long history. For someone as strong as Broly, bringing Goku and Vegeta together and creating a fight for ages made the movie memorable. Broly went full-on however, Goku and Vegeta came in with nothing but body shots, tons of gut shots, right hooks, left hooks, and jabs and tore Broly up on the inside, rendering Broly unable to utilize his power.

#1 Naruto and Sasuke Vs MOMOSHIKI

Anime-> Boruto: Naruto next generation

This is the shining part of Boruto’s much-criticized anime series. The fight carries with it a sense of nostalgia with these two characters showcasing their signature abilities. The rivalry between these two was a major driving point of the Naruto series but watching them team up in the next generation signifies that they have come a long way. What provides this team-up an interesting dynamic was how the whole sequence was animated. The fight was great and carried much-needed continuity and nostalgic progression.



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