Kohei Horikoshi has created a lot of characters in his ‘my hero academia’ province. Even the character, he willingly made unlikable and obnoxious, has turned out to be one of the fan-favorites. Katsuki Bakugo is a polarizing character. He is a jerk, highly arrogant, egotistic, disrespectful, but he has got some talent. His quirk, explosion, is something considered prestigious. He works hard to achieve his goals. These properties made people either totally love him or hate him.

He wanted his hero name to be ‘KING EXPLOSION MURDER’ but the creator gave him ‘Bakugo’. This name reflects his personality quite well. Horikoshi used the same kanji which is used in the word ‘EXPLOSION’ and ‘WIN’.

His body is able to produce a nitroglycerin like substance in his sweat. From his palms, he can detonate blast with the help of his sweat. The blasts can vary according to the sweat produced. These blasts are ignited by his palms only thus, it is suspected that he might have the ability to control the flow of his sweat. He uses these explosions for momentarily flying.

Bakugo my hero academy

His hero costume might get confused with the villains’. But this costume suits his sharp personality very well. The grenade collects his sweat up to a point where he releases the pin and an explosion takes place. The utility belt serves as a sweat carrier and storage for other grenades. The knee pads, even though we haven’t seen them in action, were made to serve offensive purposes. But what actually defines Bakugo is his temper. This has remained a mystery to date, might be one of the biggest.

But it has never been officially disclosed, why Bakugo chose to remain angry. Some theories suggest that his anger has to do with his quirk. Megan Cress suggested that his temper helps him deal with his quirk and keeps him alive. The nitroglycerin drops a person’s heart rate hence to counter it he keeps his adrenaline boosted all the time.



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