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Going dark is now getting sort of common in the shounen animes and other genres too, well it makes the series more addictive. So here we are listing some of the most insane plot twists that marked the beginning of the dark era in the following anime and manga.

#9 Ao’s alive and now what he’s up to

Boruto AO

We all know the scene where ‘TEN TAILS’(JUBI) attacked the HQ in the 4th great ninja war-making everyone there dead. That’s what we thought but one of the shinobi named AO (the Bakugan guy in the ’hidden mist village’) turns out to be alive.

He was seen in Boruto coming to KONOHA to deliver the last message to Ino and Shikamaru by their fathers. But in the end, we see him in some unexplained scenes making a link between him Kara and making the storyline more interesting and getting the expectation of the people high and also making us think that ‘Are there are any other survivors of the war?’

#8 Deku’s new hero form

My Hero Academia Deku

If you follow the manga you should have known that Deku is not a crybaby anymore. He has now masters OFA and now has the quirks of all of his precessors and told that he’s the last holder of the quirk and now the battle between him and ALL FOR ONE will be the final one.

With accepting this truth DEKU leaves U.A. High and starts working with Hawks, Endeavor, and All Might in his all-new hero form with him mastering not only OFA but also all the other quirks and now he can completely communicate with any of the previous OFA users. The upcoming chapters are going to be interesting with his ner quirks and AFO at his peak clashing.

#7 Zero accidentally uses his Geass

Code Geass

In Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion anime, Lelouch trying to get revenge on his father by turning into Zero and creating a rebellion against him. However, his sister Euphemia misunderstood his intentions and thought that equal rights of the Japanese were what he wanted and Lelouch also decided to go with the flow for the moment as he loved his sister but when they were speaking behind backstage Lelouch tells her about his Geass but ends up accidentally using it on Euphemia as a joke but ends up ordering her to kill all the Japanese and commit mass murder which ended into Euphemia’s death.

#6 Pokkle and Ponzu getting eaten by the chimera ants

Hunter X Hunter

Hunter x Hunter is a very dark adventure-based anime that revolves around Gon trying to find his father and his friendship with Killua. The news of the existence of the new chimera ants attracting more hunters to their area we see Pokkle with his team to investigate their but all of them get eaten by the chimeras while later we think Pokkle will be able to escape but he gets a more brutal death executed in such a way to show that this arc of the anime is different.

#5 Junpei Hoshino getting transformed into a curse and need to be killed

Jujutsu Kaisen was awarded as the anime of the year for 2020. It all started with Itadori Yuji eating Sukuna’s finger to save his friends and ends up becoming a sorcerer.

He was also marked as dead in the anime at once but got revived which was kind of expected and when he was going through his training with Kento Nanami. He made a friend named Junpei Hoshino while we expected him to be a long part of the story with being on either of the sides it was surprising to see him killed which came out of nowhere, making us realize he was no more than a character used to trigger hatred for curses in Yuji.

#4 Nina, Alexander and ‘THE CHIMERA’

Fullmetal Alchemist Alexander

Fullmetal Alchemist is the most rated Anime of all time due to its excellent storyline and plenty of plot twists. When ‘The Elric Brothers’ visited Shou, they got attached to his daughter Nina and their dog Alexander.

Shou was depressed due to the pressure on him on the research about the chimera’s and then certainly he discovered another talking chimera but it was a matter of time when Edward found out that the chimera was none other than Nina who was transformed in that form by sacrificing her and Alexander in the process of alchemy and they even found out that the chimera found earlier was Nina’s mother. This was the beginning for the Elric brothers to know how dark the world of Alchemy is.

#3 Yukari Sakuragi and the umbrella

Another is a horror, mystery-based anime whose plot revolves around the plot of a certain class in a high school suffering through a calamity.

While Kouichi and Misaki were being treated as they didn’t exist to stop the calamity, the trick appeared to be failed after one girl of their class named Yukari Sakuragi gets brutally killed by falling from the stairs on the tip of her umbrella. This scene just marked the beginning of the calamity for the whole class in the anime.  

#2 Shuichi’s father’s death


Uzumaki Shuichi's father death

Uzumaki is one of the most rated horror manga whose plot around the shape of the spiral and the mysteries behind it.

The manga starts with the obsession of spirals in Suichi’s father which gets increased to such a level that he start converting everything in his house into a spiral and one day when Suichi and his mother come home and see his father who crushed his bones and damaged his internal to get his body in the shape of spiral making him a dead flesh in a spiral shape.

#1 Midori’s mother death


An anime that’s so dark that it’s even banned in Japan. This starts with a scene when a man talks to a girl about how bad her situation is and that if she needed help she can come to him.

Later that day her mother dies and she ends up going to the man and getting into a freak circus where she faces sexual assault, violence, murders, and everything bad you can assume happening to an orphan girl. The anime’s name is Midori.



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