horror anime and manga series to watch

Taking into consideration what the anime industry has been delivering us, no one can question its potential. They can easily evoke different and powerful emotions and provoke unacceptable taboos but one that it really seems to struggle with is horror. While watching horror it must leave a traumatizing impression on the viewers but factors such as lack of required animation, direction, and visuals, lack of projecting the actual work, etc, are the hurdles disrupting the noble deed. But the following list gracefully manages to chalk out the horror elements and imageries that a horror fan would definitely love to invest in.

The Promised Neverland Anime and Manga

The Promised Neverland (Anime+Manga)

The Promised Neverland can be considered as one of the most effective works of horror anime ever. It has done an impeccable job of building tension, sound mixing, camera work, editing, plot, and conflicts. It starts off with orphans of The Grace Field House and their happy childhood in the orphanage with their caretaker, Mom. But one tragic night they figure out that the caretaker is not taking care of them rather she is feeding them to be sold as human flesh. Now the children have to escape both mentally as well as physically. It would definitely leave you with a lingering feeling of horror and trauma.


Shiki (Anime+Manga)

Hands down, it is the most famous horror anime of the decade. Shiki comes out to be an anime that blows the taboo-ish representation of vampires. Shiki manages to build an atmosphere delivering scary moments and it can be pretty damn gruesome. This show is incredibly effective at getting inside your head.

Another Anime and Manga

Another (Anime+Manga)

There is our protagonist named Sakakibara Koichi who transfers to a new town. In his new class, he senses a mysterious atmosphere flowing through the classroom, even though he asks the students in the class nobody wants to tell him a secret and at the center is a girl called Misaki who has an eye patch on her eye and she is somewhat ghost-like and Koichi beings to realize that there is some wrong going in the school. This series is going to keep you on the edge of your seat all the time due to its mystery and the death scenes. The story is what makes it scarier.

Uzumaki Manga

Uzumaki (Manga)

Uzumaki is a horror manga written by Junji Ito. The synopsis of the story is utterly intriguing. The town where the story takes place is cursed by spirals. It follows Kirie and her boyfriend, Shuichi who is the first to discover that something is going wrong with their town and then they go on a mission to unravel the mystery of the spirals. Once you start reading this manga you will realize that this story is gonna take you on a roller coaster.

This is a story about how curiosity can be twisted into obsession and eventually destroys you. At first, it appears as a mere obsession but as the story progresses it gets creepy. It is quite frightening for someone to



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