World's biggest drone, Ravn X by Aevum to launch satellites into space on a Rocket

Aevum-Drone Used for Satellite Launch

If we were in the 20th century, launching a satellite would have been great news but in today’s world, it is something that is done by Space X every week. So ideally, they fill satellites in a rocket which lifts those satellites from the ground resulting in an expensive and time-consuming process. But Aevum has a strong belief that their massive Ravn X drone can do it better and for a cheaper price. 

Aevum states that their Ravn X stands 80 feet long and 18 feet tall recognizing it as the world’s biggest drone. So Aevum plans to would launch a rocket to deliver a payload of small satellites to low Earth orbit with their proprietary software to fly the drone to a specified altitude.


Aevum CEO Jay Skylus in front of the Drone Ravn X.
Aevum CEO Jay Skylus in front of the Ravn X.

Company stressed the point that the launching system is 70% reusable. And CEO of the company, Jay Skylus hopes to bring this number close to 100%. 

Skylus talked to CNET that the first stage of the program can land and load another rocket on and again take off, just like nowadays airlines. 

The drone business is Big

According to company, it has secured about $ 1 billion in launch contracts. A contract with US Space Force to provide 360 satellites to low Earth orbit is also included in it. This could be expected to happen soon, presumed by Skylus.


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