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Winter 2021 has proved to be an overloaded punch for the anime community. It is stack full of great anime. Attack on Titan, Re: Zero, Promised Neverland, Beastars, Dr.Stone is meeting every high expectation we had. Apart from these sequels, we have non-sequel winter 2021 anime and undoubtedly they are enough to match anyone of the season last year. Here is the list of non-sequel winter 2021 anime to watch.

#5 Suppose a Kid from the last Dungeon Bonnies moved to a Starter town

Genre: – Adventure, comedy, and fantasy

The title says it all, a dreamy guy named Lloyd leaves his town to become a soldier and everyone in the town knows about his stupid high power except for him. Does that sound familiar? Apart from this generic premise what actually helped this anime join this list is watching Lloyd. He appears to be in conflict with common sense in a lot of things so that creates a lot of scenarios that end up being extremely funny. He actually is a comically OP protagonist. The fundamentally strong writing, goofy animation, big laugh from time to time help this humble little comedy hit harder than anybody would except.

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#4 Mushoku Tensei

Genre: – Drama, magical and fantasy

They all call it “granddaddy of Isekai”. This series had inspired a whole generation of Isekai writers. This anime is just fascinating, deeply nerd relatable, hilarious, and immersive. The pace can be a little slower at times as it focuses on character development in a different way among its peers. Hence, the show has delivered a master class when it comes to world-building and character drama. Overall, the world-building is done perfectly where it wonderfully explains the peculiarity and power system of the Isekai world. The dedication given to producing this adaptation is appreciable despite the controversies regarding the perverted main character. Give it a try even if you are not an Isekai fan, it is definitely a must-watch.

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#3 Kemono Jihen

Genre: – Action, mystery, demons, supernatural, Dark

It is criminally underrated for a pretty satisfying mystery anime with supernatural elements. The supernatural-horror elements, design, atmosphere, and stylistic choices make this anime a must-watch for a change of pace. The anime starts off pretty simple, a detective arriving in a village to investigate a strange murder case of animals, he befriends a boy named Dorotobo and they join hands to find the culprit of the murders but they end up entangled in the mystery regarding supernatural creatures residing with a human. Then the story starts to unveil its mystery step by step.

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#2 Horimiya

Genre: – Slice of life, comedy, romance, school

Despite its budding high school romance premise, it takes on an idealistic approach. The emotional investment it showcases is not what we often see in a rom-com hence, it becomes the major reason why Horimiya has been so highly praised by the fans base. The premise didn’t seem too special at first glance and it seemed to be a usual feel-good wholesome rom-com about how opposite attracts, but it was surprising to watch how well the series managed to weave the light-hearted moments with character writing and stellar direction. It has a fast pace and the crisp visuals complement the overall feel of the show.

Watch it on Hulu, Funimation

#1 Wonder Egg Priority

Genre: – Psychological, drama, fantasy

Some of the internets are calling it “the egg anime”. It is a completely original work by veteran writer Shinji Nojima. It has become one of the contenders in the best anime of this season. Wonder Egg priority is a brutally real and visually imaginative psychological horror anime. It appears light and colorful early on but then starts delving into some deeper psychological themes. It dives into themes of depression, social anxiety, bullying, and suicide. If you find picking symbolism fun, just give it a shot. The gorgeous visuals (instantly reminiscent of Kyoto animation’s), the strong themes, and the compelling theories that tie everything together.

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