There are things about to get Nreal. The business behind the Mixed Reality (MR) ready-to-wear lenses has confirmed plans to expand in Q2 2021 to Europe and the US.

The success of Nreal Light in Korea, coupled with an increasing demand for augmented reality experiences, encouraged the company to expand around the globe, according to Nreal.

“Amid a ‘new norm’ combined with the growing appetite for a new, Mixed Reality platform, customers have found solace in reviving their pre-pandemic theatre-going and face-to-face meetings through Nreal Light,” the company said.

Nreal previously introduced its augmented reality glasses in Korea, where customers could get them bundled with the Galaxy Note 20 and LG Velvet. Apparently, those in Korea who own the real Light average about 49 minutes a day with the Mixed Reality glasses.

“Mixed Reality is emerging as a transformative technology that is already seeing high rates of engagement perspective and incrementally changing how we interact with our mobile devices, from watching films on a digital IMAX-size screen or collaborating with colleagues from one’s bedroom,” said Chi Xu, CEO and Founder at Nreal.

Nreal Light

The company has also revealed a redesigned business edition designed for sectors such as manufacturing, retail, tourism, education, and more, in addition to taking the Nreal Light to Europe and the U.S. The Nreal Enterprise Edition provides a wrap-around halo design and supports eye-tracking and gesture recognition technology. The company said it would launch the Nreal Enterprise Edition sometime in 2021.

Finally, Nreal said it plans to introduce new applications for Mixed Reality, including a weather app, a basketball game, an MMORPG, and a sports app. Nreal is also working with third-party hardware developers to create products that are compatible with Nrea Light. One of the first items is called the FinchRing, a Mixed Reality controller.



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