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If you do not already know what you want, shopping online for some items is still tricky, but we are gradually seeing the use of technology in ways that make it simpler. The latest instance is the latest AR update from Google, which allows users to digitally try makeup from selected brands to see how it looks. 

The new functionality has arrived in the Google app for users in the US; it covers products from several brands, including MAC Cosmetics and L’Oreal. Users who looking for specific supported makeup items will be able to see them on faces with distinct skin tones to determine how they look. 

google ar makeup

Those who want to take their online shopping a step further can even use their phone’s camera to digitally try on the items as an AR experience. To do this, Google notes that in the product’s Google Search info panel, users can tap the ‘Try it on’ button to pull the tool.

The tool provides the ability to swipe through various shades provided by the companies, as well as a link for the items to shop. Google states that in their Google app, users can now see suggestions for clothes, cosmetics, and home & garden items in their feed. 

Professionals have been tapped to provide data on items you may come across, according to Google, a feature introduced with the Shoploop team. The features are available now but to use them, you’ll need to use the Google app on mobile devices. 



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