“Guardians”- New Name for US Space Force Members

Guardians- Space Force

According to an announcement by Vice President Mike Pence United States Space Force members will officially be called “Guardians” at an event celebrating the military branch’s first anniversary. So we have our Guardians of Galaxy.

According to a short post on the US Space Force website, the motto of Air Force Space Command from 1983 was “Guardians of the High Frontier” which was the inspiration for the organization to trace the name “Guardians” as the Space Force is part of Air Force.

Space Force Responsibility

Air Force Space Command is rebranded to Space Force but the decisions made here are independent of the Air Force. However, the majority of officials/personnel working for Space Force comes from Air Force with few other notable transfers like astronaut Mike Hopkins who has joined from other government body- NASA. But NASA was more concerned about exploring space and Space Force is more concerned about protecting American assets like satellites and controlling space.

Pop Culture Inspiring Space Force

Pop culture association may be seen as the reason behind the choosing of Guardian as the official name or it was just the one matching. Marvel film fans were introduced to the “cosmic” side of the Marvel universe by Disney’s Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. And we have seen Destiny 2, a video game where Guardians are charged with fighting for the Last City on Earth from alien enemies.

This is not the first time that Space Force has been inspired by pop culture as we travel back when the organization revealed the official logo, it was noted that this logo was in similarity to the Starfleet emblem which was used in the TV show Star Trek. However, they did clarify that this is an inspiration from older Air Force Space Command logos rather than the hit series.


However, the naming is just a regular branding exercise been followed by the Space force but the US is now more focused on heading into further space insights in this next decade.



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