Nvidia RTX 3060 which is launching this week on February 25 and supposed to be a fantastic value for money RTX 30-series GPU, with 3,548 Cuda cores and 12GB of GDDR6, will have a price much higher than the MSRP, suggesting leaks related to its pricing. But there might be a chance that it will not happen as someone has spotted RTX 3060 6GB VRAM variant in a new filing.

Corteks has leaked the sticker prices for RTX 3060 AIB partner models, and those prices are almost a whopping 50% high than the MSRP of Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti (i.e. $399).

RTX 3060 Models:Price:
MSI Gaming X Trio$514.99
MSI Ventus X2 (likely the Ventus 2X)$484.99
Zotac Gaming$499.99
Asus Strix$499.99
Asus TUF$489.99

Talking about comparison, there are two third-party RTX 3060 Ti listed on the Best Buy, one from EVGA and the other from Gigabyte, with a price tag of $459 and $479 respectively. Making them cheaper than the lowest-priced RTX 3060 on the list (assuming leak is accurate).

Even after Nvidia is planning to stop the mining performance of the 3060 and introduce a new crypto-mining dedicated GPU, this situation won’t seem to change anytime soon. Only if these new reports about an RTX 3060 with 6GB VRAM do not come out to be true. Spotted by Twitter user @harukaze5719 (thanks VideoCardz), graphics card makers “PALIT” have just filed both 12GB and 6GB variants of Nvidia RTX 3060 with the South Korean National Radio Research Agency. Suggesting that a mid-range GPU version with half video memory than the original might be coming as well.

For now, there is no confirmation from Nvidia about this, so fingers crossed, and the coming time will tell us what Nvidia has actually planned.



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