Genjutsu is a mystical art used by ninjas to create the sensory illusion. This Jutsu doesn’t affect the reality rather creates mind illusions and brainwashes the victim. He is made to believe that he is undergoing some intense physical pain and this is done by affecting the senses of the victim. The ninja practising Genjutsu dominates the chakra flux of target’s sensorium. The strongest form of Genjutsu is Infinite Tsukuyomi, which is capable of trapping the entire world in an illusion.

genjutsu Infinite Tsukuyomi

Tsukuyomi’s name is drawn from ancient Japanese folklore and it translates into Moon Reader. To perform infinite Tsukuyomi one requires Rinne Sharingan and the chakra of the Ten-Tails. The whole world is lit under a blinding light as long it is being cast, this light can brighten night as well. The user possesses Rinnegan eyes which influence the Tsukuyomi. Under its gaze, everyone gets immediately trapped and rendered immobile in the world of trees. Those who are bound to trees, their chakra starts to drain and it enters the body of the user through the ground.

Capturing the victims in an illusionary world and hence leading their chakra to be drawn upon. The victim is made to be jailed in the world of trees. Those who are connected to these trees will gradually loose their personality and features leaving behind a shell along with their chakra.

genjutsu Infinite Tsukuyomi 2

Some incidents where infinite Tsukuyomi was performed are; Garra is trapped in a world where he has a happy childhood with his parents and friends, Kiba Inuzaka in his dream world becomes Hokage and he uses it to declare a national holiday for dogs, Yamato gains respect throughout Konoha and becomes the leader of the #team 7.

Still there are individuals who can counter the strongest Genjutsu ever witnessed. Those who can counter infinite Tsukuyomi are: –

  • Madara Uchiha took Hashirama Senju’s cells. He took his chakra and mixed it with his own chakra thus awakening double Rinnegan. Hence making him counter the infinite Tsukuyomi with the help of his double Rinnegan.
  • Sasuke Uchiha enables his Rinnegan eyes. He was able to do so with the help of Hagoromo Otsutsuki. During the fourth great war, he took his six-path chakra which helped him in awakening his Rinnegan eyes.

Obito Uchiha can counter Infinite Tsukuyomi. He made a different version of six path chakra and stole from the dead body Nagato Uzumaki his Rinnegan. He planted the stolen Rinnegan in his left eyes socket and got Dojutsu.



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