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Two of this year’s biggest surprises might not be trying to take each other out directly, but it’s all about the intergalactic combat between Fall Guys and Among Us in this Star Wars Battlefront II mod

The mod transforms the fighters of the Rebel Alliance with the lively bean bodies of the Fall Guys contestants, while the Imperial forces are all replaced with stretched out and frankly uncomfortable models from Among Us. In the gameplay below, which somehow operates despite the clashing art styles, you can see the forces waging war. 

The mod was apparently commissioned by YouTuber ToastedShoes (and created by NoTengoTortuga), who almost a month ago showed the gameplay above. Then the mod wasn’t public, but you can now grab it from Nexus Mods. For each of the teams, there are two separate downloads, and to get those characters working, you’ll need an additional Fall Guys Hero Overhaul mod

You can still enjoy some art if you’re not interested in playing with a mod. On the mod page, several character transformations are available, including this treat showing General Grievous if he had no arms and only one long Among Us spaceman body. It’s something. 

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