Developed by only 5 people

Iron Gate Studio’s $19.99 (Rs. 529) Nordic-themed hottest PC survival game “Valheim” has sold over five million copies on Steam since its launch on February 2nd as an early access title on Steam.

Most staggering indie game and Steam sensation Valheim, developed by Swedish video game studio “Iron Gate” with the help of a team of just five people, is in the list of top five most played games on Steam, with more than 500,000 concurrent players to date. According to its developer with the milestone of selling 5 million copies, its users have managed to:

  • Spend more than 15,000 years playing Valheim
  • Watch more than 35 million hours of gameplay Twitch
  • Pushed us (Valheim) to number 39 in the best user-reviewed games on Steam of all time
  • Made our (Iron Gate’s) five-person strong team excited to come to work (virtually) each and every single day (that’s one person per million sales, by the way!)

With its players already finishing up the content that Valheim has to offer, its developers are increasing their team to deliver more content to players and seeing explosions in games’ success. Iron Gate has four updates in total planned for 2021 with some extra things like “multiplayer interaction, some improvements, new mode” coming soon “If Odin Wills It.”


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