Netflix launches its TikTok clone

Netflix has just introduced a new feature “Fast Laughs” which gives its subscribers the opportunity to see funny and short video clips or we can say glimpse of a particular show or movie without fully watching it. This comes after Netflix launched a feature called “Downloads for you” last month.

The new feature “Fast Laughs” is currently available for iOS users in selected countries, with testing starting for Android users soon. This feature which feels more like TikTok or Instagram Reels places Netflix into the list of ‘TikTok alternatives’. Like the short video concept, Fast Laughs will run in a vertical format and show the short videos one after another to its users. In its dedicated section, you will get multiple options including an option to react ‘LOL,’ to add the current clip to ‘My List’, to share it with other people, and the option to play and pause.

Now adding this kind of feature in-app like Netflix (which is making heavy investment in stand-up comedy) makes sense, as it gives people another way of exploring content on Netflix. And by watching short videos of funny and comedy movies or shows on the OTT platform, people can get an idea about if it worth watching a particular movie and show or not. And who knows by seeing Netflix, other OTT platforms will also start using these kinds of features in the near future, as short is really becoming a trend everywhere these days.


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