Netflix has added a new mobile feature “Downloads for You”, which will aim to improve its offline content by opting for automatic downloads. With this new feature enabled, the Netflix app will automatically download recommended TV shows and movies based on your taste and view history. The “Downloads For You” feature is now live globally for Android users, with an iOS version that will begin testing soon and will arrive later in 2021.

Now here’s how this new feature “Downloads For You” works. After turning this feature on in the downloads tab, it’ll ask you to set the amount of storage space you want to dedicate to this to use — 1GB, 3GB, or 5GB. And then it will download the recommendations that Netflix believes you’ll like when you’re connected to Wi-Fi. Now here’s the main thing that this will only download the first few episodes of the show.

Netflix downloads for you feature
Credit: Netflix

Also as reported by TechCrunch, some downloads will be limited because of licensing restrictions. After watching the episodes or movies, you can delete them to free up the storage space for the next time.

As TechCrunch notes that the “feature is an addition, not a replacement for Netflix’s existing offline access feature known as Smart Downloads (first launched in 2018)”. However, with this new feature, Netflix continues to take new steps towards improving its offline watching experience.



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