AirPods 3 Leaked Design Changes – Smaller and Cheaper

AirPods 3 – Leaks

Apple had been perfect to release the AirPods, which we call are Truly Wireless Stereo earbuds that various companies tried to copy. Some were so into copying that they resulted in a completely different product resulting in name ladled as counterfeits by some authorities. But Apple improvised their AirPods in the field of designing by realizing AirPods Pro. And this time they aim to produce affordable pair of earbuds- AirPods 3.

The very first AirPods design can be thought out of as EarPods with their wires cut-off and still listen to songs. Then the “dangling stem” was eventually copied by accessory makers nonetheless and after that Apple changed it a bit with their AirPods Pro which could be inherited by AirPods 3.

Smaller AirPods 

  • AirPods 3
  • AirPods 3
  • AirPods 3
  • AirPods 3
  • AirPods 3

As per the reports of 52audio regarding the next AirPods which are supposable to be named as AirPods 3. The design will be inspired by AirPods Pro allowing the buds to fit inside of the ear rather than hanging out. The stem of the AirPods is genuinely shorter than the Pro version and comes with a similar smaller charging case. 

One must think, is the size is the only thing changing? No, new features like Force Sensor for squeeze controls, Active Noise Cancellation, Transparency Mode, and even the “pressure relief” vent are being added. This is a houseful of features that too coming in a smaller body.


All the features of the AirPods pro tier will be there for AirPods 3 but at a price range of normal AirPods. They are expected to release by March with a pretty doubtful date of March 16. 



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