On Monday morning, thousands of developers were unable to log onto GitHub. GitHub is a Microsoft-owned service which works on two parts namely version control and Git. Basically, it provides version control via Git and hosting for software development. According to reports and images shared by several users on various social sites, the official site remained inaccessible for hours and then, in the evening company’s officials cleared that the errors have been removed and everything is back to normal. The users faced many log-in errors and zero response from the site and they were unable to use the IDE (Integrated Development Environment). This might not be the only time when users are asking Microsoft about the security of the GitHub because earlier this year several reports have claimed that around 500GB data was being stolen by the hackers. But the officials have said nothing about such reports whatsoever.


GitHub is not only for common developers but many Multi-National companies use it like Amazon, Google, Facebook, etc. There are around 100 million repositories hosted on GitHub, and more than 40 million developers contribute to them.

Back in 2018, Microsoft acquired GitHub for $7.5 billion and since then, it has made several cuts in paid services to attract more users to this community.



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