After announcing some changes to the Chrome Web Store in an attempt to curb malicious extensions earlier this year. The company is now announced that the paid Chrome extensions will not be available.

In a surprise announcement today Google said they’re shutting down the paid Chrome extensions offered on the Chrome Web Store. which suggests that developers who try to monetize their extensions will need to do so with other payment-handling systems.

Google Chrome web store

Why Google made his move?

Following a short-lived suspension on paid extensions this year thanks to fraudulent transactions, the company decided to shut down the Payments API. Developers haven’t been ready to submit new paid extensions since March, but this week’s announcement confirms that as of Monday, developers can not make new paid extensions. Further, the free trial option offered by the Chrome Web Store will get away on December 1.

Google also set to end other functionality over the approaching months, and on February 1st, existing extensions can not charge customers using the Chrome Web Store’s payments system.

Google shutdown timeline
Pic Credit: Google

These aren’t the sole notable changes to extensions that Google has made this year. the corporate unrolled variety of policy updates in April intended to scale back spammy extensions, including banning multiple extensions that do an equivalent thing, not allowing developers to control reviews to undertake to urge better placement for his or her extension, and forbidding extensions that abuse notifications.

However, for developers who still want to monetize their extensions, Google says they’ll got to migrate to both another payment processor and a replacement licensing API.


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