GPD-XP - An Android-Based Gaming Handheld Console

GPD (Gamepad Digital), best known for making portable gaming devices (PC handhelds and mini laptops) that are based on Windows and Intel processors, taking inspiration from Nintendo Switch is now working on a new handheld gaming console based on Android – GPD-XP – according to the company’s discord channel (via XDA).

Earlier also companies like ARCHOS, Sony, Nvidia, and Nintendo Switch comes up with the idea of android based handheld devices. And now GPD is going back to its root by introducing their GPD-XP android-based gaming handheld devices.


As GPD-XP is based on Android so it is using an ARM-based Media Tek Helia G95 processor running on Android 11 with Google Services, reports XDA. With this there will be 6GB RAM, 128GB UFS 2.1 storage with microSD card, 7000mAH battery giving 12 hrs battery life, and 4G support but not for call and SMS. And there is a 6.81-inch display with a wide aspect ratio, punch-hole cutout in the corner, and a camera placed on the bottom left corner.



The GPD-XP console features controls in different styles. On the left side, there is an analog stick, D-Pad, and three navigation control buttons. And on the right side controls are customizable and modular using a magnet attachment system specifically for MOBA-type games. We can also attack another analog stick with classic ABXY buttons on the console. These controls make it popular on mobile. On both sides, controls are mapped to touch screen areas which will be used for games without controller support.

Until now there is no release date and the price of the console is revealed. So, we have to wait for official announcements from GPD (through IndieGoGo probably), and then we can how this console goes with gamers. But one thing is sure that it’s going to be another contender in the portable gaming space, where Valve’s Steam Deck and Nintendo’s Swtich OLED model are currently making the rounds. 

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