Nestflix: A fake Netflix made to browse all the fake or made-up shows and movies

Recently, a website called Nestflix – a fake streaming service – has appeared online which offers an immense catalog of fake shows and movies, and they’re all based on existing properties of fake titles that exist within their respective fictional films or shows.

Creator of site and Web designer Lynn Fisher describes that the site is a “wiki doing some cosplay,” but upon entering the website, you would be impressed with how much the website has to offer. It is extremely detailed and even offering a synopsis of the title, stills, and where your chosen fictional content originally appeared.

It seems like a new streaming service platform that is hitting the market incredibly frequently. Nestflix is an excellent Netflix parody site that’s visually influenced by some of the other streaming services as well. A lot of movies and shows have shown little clips or posters for fake movies and television shows, but Nestflix takes it further.

It brings many of these titles all into one place and also along with where they were referenced. It shows complete details that one would expect to find upon clicking on a Netflix title to learn more about it before deciding to watch it.

Nestflix - Threat Level Midnight

Also, Nestflix is not a real streaming service but, if it was, it could rack up some interested subscribers (it makes me wonder if Netflix contacts Lynn Fisher after this to make something interesting for the original site). There’ve been so many fictional movies and television shows teased that audiences have said they would watch if they were real. Ultimately, a similar situation happened with Machete, which ended up getting made based on a fake movie trailer in ‘Grindhouse’.

There are a lot of good laughs to be had while exploring the Nestflix site. Some will be familiar, such as Good Will Hunting 2: Hunting Season, while others may not instantly be recognizable. Nestflix is surely worth taking some time to scroll through.

The website has currently more than 400 titles, but not for long as it offers a submission button where you can contribute to any made-up shows or movies that it’s missing.

So, that’s all about it, and stay tuned for more updates.


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