Halo: Infinite, Will Be Free-To-Play Confirms Microsoft

Update: At Xbox + Bethesda showcase, the reveal trailer for Halo: Infinite multiplayer was released giving us the first look at the much-awaited free-to-play multiplayer mode along with a holiday 2021 season release date. You can watch the official trailer in the video embed below.

Original Article: Microsoft made the rumors of Halo: Infinite being Free-to-play official. There were a lot of rumors and leaks running around the community nowadays. Another big news is that the game will run up to 120 frames per second.

Microsoft confirmed the news by tweeting it on the official Halo Twitter account. They tweeted “Halo is for everyone,” though the statement is somewhat false. Microsoft also hinted about more major announcements by adding “More details will be shared later,”. They also confirmed the availability of 120fps support in Xbox series X. 


Xbox seems to be mocking Sony by making some softer Xbox Live requirements so that players can get the most of the Xbox Live. 

Or are they only doing it for Halo, as this game is the crown jewel of Microsoft? This move of making Xbox live more accessible and free to an extent will be a huge plus point for Microsoft. That will lead to a hard time for Sony and the sales will peak for sure. The users can get the most of the Xbox Live service as it is going less crucial. 

Xbox Game Pass Poster

This move of making Halo: Infinite free is beneficial for both gamers and game creators. There are higher chances of players flooding the Halo servers. The Halo community will experience a major revive in this era of COD: Warzone and Fortnite. There will be more competition as the servers can face an influx of players. 

If the game is going to have a “games-as-service” type of release schedule, this can make more players interested in PvE part of the game. 

And all of this will take the players to purchase the Subscription. Or it can lead players to buy the premium version of the game. Players will surely buy the Game pass, loot boxes, or the things Microsoft and the other 343 companies have planned to sell. 


More details are coming on the way for Halo: Infinite. Although it lost a lot of its reputation since the last 3-4 years. Maybe Halo can gain back its reputation in the upcoming Xbox reveal event. Halo: Infinite will also be available for PC. The game pass subscribers can get it as a part of their membership privileges. 

Halo: Infinite, Will Be Free-To-Play Confirms Microsoft

The things that are more of a concern are the graphics. However, there will be an upgrade in that part. But the gameplay is focussed on Open world Combat. Maybe this will be in trend, maybe not. No one knows.


The 120 fps support is the biggest news of all. That is the main key for the better gameplay experience. It takes 60fps to run the game smooth as butter. But 120fps takes it to another level. Players can clearly notice it. The 30 to 60 hike in the fps is more visible than the hike from 60 to 120. I hope there will be more improvements in the loading time, the graphics quality and the overall experience. 


  1. […] Halo Infinite was originally set to be a launch title with the Xbox Series X in November 2020 but was delayed to 2021 to continue development and give players the ‘Game you deserve,’ as one developer put it at the time. While the release window was announced to be during ‘Holiday 2021,’ it hasn’t been narrowed down further – at least to the public, as Microsoft has trimmed the launch date to within ‘a few weeks’ internally. […]


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