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“Hey Facebook” is going to be your new hot-word to interact with hands-free devices after using “Hey Google,” “Hey Alexa,” and “Hey Siri” over the years. As now Facebook is introducing a new wake word “Hey Facebook” to its users for operating its family of Portal smart displays as well as its Oculus Quest platform.

“Hey Facebook” for Oculus Devices

Announced by software giants Facebook recently, Oculus Quest users can say now “Hey Facebook” to interact with the device hands-free. Facebook said in a blog post that their “goal is to make Voice Commands a truly hands-free experience—and make it easier to take screenshots, cast, group up with your friends, and more.” This will be an opt-in feature, so you can turn it on or off.

After you trun it on you can just simply say “Hey Facebook, take a screenshot” or “Hey Facebook, show me who’s online.” But remember Oculus device won’t listen to your wake words when microphone is turned off, or headset is asleep or powered down.

Hey Facebook for Portal devices

“Hey Facebook” for Portal Devices

Facebook hasn’t mentioned anything about the use of hot-word with Portal devices, but as spotted by TheVerge, Portal’s support page lists that you can either use “Hey Facebook” or the original “Hey Portal” wake word to interact with Portal devices. but note that you can not use it on Portal TV.



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