Intel has just introduced two new chips – Core i7-11390H and Core i5-11320H – in the family of its 11th-gen Tiger Lake mobile processors.

Tiger Lake, which was launched in late 2020, is Intel’s second 10nm microarchitecture to make it to consumer laptops after Ice Lake. New Core i7-11390H and Core i5-11320H come with Intel Xe graphics which gives a massive graphics performance boost, and refinements to the 10nm process with a completely new SuperFin process tech, and Thunderbolt 4 support.

As per Tom’s Hardware, the new Core i7-11390H and Core i5-11320H also boast four cores and eight threads, as well as support for DDR4-3200, LPDDR4x-4267, and AVX-512 instructions for speeding up AI workloads, which was also seen in i7-11370H, i5-1135G7, and i7-11375H chips that came before them.

The Core i7-11390H offers 5GHz turbo frequency, a 12MB cache, and 1.4GHz graphics frequency, on the other hand, the Core i5-11320H offers 4.5GHz, a 12MB cache, and 1.35GHz graphics frequency.

Intel quietly launches new i5 and i7 Tiger Lake-H35 processors

Performance and features of new Tiger Lake processors

New Core i7-11390H and Core i5-11320H are not only equipped with the company’s Xe graphics, which delivers much-improved performance over the 10th-gen graphics, but it also comes with the SuperFin process tech that delivers boosts in power efficiency and raw performance. All these make laptops with 11th-gen chips are not only faster and better performing but also more battery efficient.

As we know Tiger Lake is the first platform to support Thunderbolt 4, delivering much faster connection speeds and support for USB 4.0, and the new Intel Core i7-11390H and Core i5-11320H have them.

Now, it would be interesting to see the final performance of the new i7-11390H and i5-11320H in the real world.


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